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Week 1 and 2 - Thrower Preseason Strength Training Made Easy!

It's finally that time of year again and no one is really thrilled about it!

End of summer. Back to school. Back to class.

But in about three months, something really awesome starts to happen all around the country.

Yes Thanksgiving happens. Yes it's the unofficial start of pie season. But it's also the start of indoor track season!

Most athletes start thinking about indoor track a few days before the season starts. But not you guys! You are loyal to the shot put (and the weight for my high school and college guys and girls that throw that atrocity). You're thinking about indoor track RIGHT NOW like you should be...right?


Here's the deal. Safe to say not a whole lot of you have been throwing this summer and many of you don't have the opportunity to throw right now. We have football players that are practicing and have games 6-7 days a week. Girls volleyball happens right now and a lot of girls who play volleyball also throw. Even soccer athletes are in-season right now and if they are also comes first this time of year.

Let's Get Super Strong...oh wait...

But for those of you that are thinking about track and are looking to get super strong for the start of the season and are looking to throw some massive PRs...we have a new video series starting.

This video series is all about pre-season training in the weight room and getting you as strong as possible for the start of the season. Remember, pre-season training is where we are trying to build strength to get as strong as possible for the season. In-season training is where we try to maintain that strength and transform that added strength into added speed and power in the circles.

Here is what is in store for you today in this blog post. Two videos. Video one covers the first week of preseason training. Video two covers the second week.

So grab a notebook (I like 3 subject notebooks) and a pen and get ready to start creating the ultimate preseason workout to get you (or your team) as strong as possible for the start of indoor track season.

Congratulations on making it through both of those videos. I am still working out some audio issues but hopefully you get the bulk of what you need to do.

For now, the best place to start is with scheduling your preseason training. Get a paper calendar (I like paper) and figure out when the start of your season will be.

For us here in Rhode Island, that is always the Monday after Thanksgiving. This year, that Monday is November 26th (kinda early actually!).

All you need to do is look at the previous Sunday and make that the start of week 13. Then...count backwards.

November 18th - Start of week 13

November 11th - Start of week 12

November 4th - Start of week 11

October 28th - Start of week 10

October 21st - Start of week 9

October 14th - Start of week 8

October 7th - Start of week 7

September 30th - Start of week 6

September 23rd - Start of week 5

September 16th - Start of week 4

September 9th - Start of week 3

September 2nd - Start of week 2

August 26th - Start of week 1

Now obviously if you started this a week or 2 late it's no big deal. And if you don't have indoor track and you start your track season in March or February...again no big deal. All you need to do is work backwards 13 weeks before the start of your season and figure out when your week one training will start.

From there all you need to do is follow along with the videos and this blog, write everything down in your notebook so you can look back and break records, and continue pushing yourself and commit to getting better.

Remember, championships are built in the off-season. I truly believe that. I hope you are willing to put in the work to make this your best season yet. That training starts today!

As always...THROW FAR!!

Coach Matt Ellis

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