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Coaches Guide to a Stress Free Season

New coaches often run into a major problem...

For beginner coaches, especially at the high school level, time is very limited and very valuable. With few exceptions, the average high school athletic season is only 3 months long. In those three months, coaches have to run practices, include time for strength and conditioning sessions, and coordinate their time with assistant coaches. Coaches then schedule and reschedule everything around games and meets, snow days, holidays, weekends, and school vacations. This is not an easy task. Even the most seasoned coaches run into problems. Poor scheduling is the number one reason why beginner coaches don’t incorporate new training methods and techniques into their practices. Instead of planning practices on a day to day basis or planning practices at the beginning of every week, coaches should have their entire season planned out the very first day they get their meet schedules.

This is the step by step guide to do just that.

What this book will teach you...

This eBook will lay out a complete plan for coaches to properly plan out their

ENTIRE track season the day they receive their track meet schedule.

Topics that are covered...

Save $ on Office EquipmentYou Own Most of it Already!

Organize Your Office and Your Life! Clean Up Your Desk and Your Life!

Merge Your Meet, Work, and Life SchedulesPersonal Calendar, Work Calendar, Track Calendar,

                                                             Student and School Calendar, and More!

Divide Your Season and Conquer!What Meets are Important and What Meets are Meaningless.

Schedule Consistent Weight Room Sessions Make Weight Training Part of Practice, Not an Afterthought!

Actually Spend More Time at Practice!Spend Less Time Wasting Time and Actually COACH!

Weight Room Exercises that Save You TimeBasics that Work and Get Your Athletes Stronger

Earn the Respect of Your AthletesBe a Mentor, a Coach, and the Boss!

Get Started… Right Now! Start Organizing Your Life…Immediately!

Have you been stressed beyond belief?

The number one question sent in by beginner coaches like you is:

Why does it feel like NOTHING gets done at practice?

Do YOU Feel This Way?

Every new coach has been there. I was there a few years ago when I first opened Primal.

Imagine being the coach of over 40 athletes, from 11 different schools, 9 different sports, and 18 different teams.

Now imagine half were in season and half were in the off season.

Different Seasons, Different Meet Schedules, Boys and Girls Teams, multiple sports.

Sound Impossible?

At first it was. Then I started working smarter instead of harder.

You will learn my secrets and be able to EASILY apply them to your team.

How much is it?

Like always, I try to keep this information affordable for you!

Business coaches charge hundreds of dollars per hour for this information.

This information will save you hours of planning, headaches, stress, and is guaranteed to get you better results on the track

I love the sport of track and field. I am on a mission to help athletes and coaches as much as possible at a price you can afford.

That’s why I am selling this eBook for only $27.

If you order now, you also get these FREE Bonus Gifts:

1. Continued On-Line Support. When you purchase this book, your e-mail will be put on an exclusive list. You will be able to e-mail me
directly at to ask any questions you may have about the book or your training schedules.

2. Exclusive coupon codes for new eBook and video releases. When they become available, you will receive a coupon code
to receive mega discounts off the retail prices.









So make sure you act fast!

Take action. Now is the time to act. Finally organize your season and your life. Stop guessing and hoping you will have good practices and your athletes will improve and peak for the end of the season. Earn the respect of your athletes and your other coaches.

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