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“I can not overstate how helpful your workouts have been and how much I look forward to receiving and using them. You have made a TREMENDOUS difference in my athletes’ success.

You are an enormous part of the reason we were the only team that had two athletes at outdoor states (only the top 16 in the state go).

Your workouts are outstanding. Your advice is understandable, useful, and not full-of-it.
You are a technician but also allow for our athletes to train up to each phase. That flexibility allows me to push these guys in a direction without me thinking they have to be perfect.

Let’s just say you are a great psychotherapeutic godsend. MOST IMPORTANT, the throwers who lifted YOUR workout benefitted MUCH MUCH MORE than those who felt compelled to lift with football. Just saying.

I can not finish this message without telling you what an undeniably deep and important imprint you have made on my throwers. ”


“First of all we wish to thank you for your passion showed for throws to throwers all around the world. We have devoured I think most if not all your Youtube training videos both my son’s coach as well a few others.

We have finished the Ultimate In Season Program. This worked out perfect for my son to peak at State and Nationals. We are convinced that this program not only allowed him to excell physically, but it gave him mentally also an edge. He started 16 months ago with throws and is still learning a lot about the techniques. We have just downloaded your Ultimate Off Season Program and will start on Monday.

Etienne managed to throw 33 PBs
Medaled 24 times
1 Gold Australian National Champion
shot put under 15
Silver in discuss Australian Championships
Silver in hammer Australian Championships
4th in javelin Australian Championships

Silver in discus and javelin and bronze in shot put Australian National All Schools Championships

14 State medals
3 State records and 15 club records

Thanks again - we look forward to see how the Ultimate Off Season Program will impact on his next season. We intend to do it twice.”


“I wanted to say thanks again for your help with the video analysis and let you know how the season wrapped up.

As you might imagine, your tips helped me with other boys besides Max and Tom.

Max improved quite a bit, throwing 43'1.5" at an invitational on May 14 up in Queensbury, NY. That was good enough to get him into our county meet. We had two more meets after Queensbury, including the county meet, and while he didn't hit that 43' mark again, he threw consistently over 41', which he had not been doing earlier.

I'm also excited about a sophomore who threw 118'5" in discus at Queensbury, also just good enough to qualify for our county meet. His previous best had been 106'10.5" prior to learning from your analyses of Max and Tom. He hit 114' and 111' in his two remaining meets. I'll probably be sending you video of him next season.

Lastly, I want to let you know that one of my athletes is coming to your clinic in New Jersey. He might get all excited about javelin, but we don't have javelin in NY! I need him to focus on shot and discus.

Thanks again for everything.”

“Just wanted to let you guys know that I watched your videos on youtube to coach my middle school throwers. I have never coached throwers and had no success throwing in middle school. I hated it. I was frustrated with how strong I was, but couldn't throw shot or disc well at all. That was mainly due to coaches just throwing out the shot and disc and having us teach ourselves.

Your videos helped me to coach my kids and I shared the videos with my athletes. In our middle school track meets we have 2 zones that compete to make it to city.

We had a 7th grader that set our school record with a throw of 104'5" and win our zone. He will compete in city next week. The same kid with another finished 3rd and will compete in shot as well.

All that to say thanks for your videos. They not only helped me a lot, but they helped our students. Thanks again for your commitment to the sport.”

“Just wanted to say I really appreciate your site and information you provide. I have been using the offseason throwing weight training program with one of my Shot putters and one disc thrower.

My Shot thrower placed 11th in Region IV meet in Texas and by using your weight program I believe she can shatter our school record of 34'5". Her PR is 33"11". I look forward to checking out the grip training program. Keep up the great work. ”

“Mike from Alberta Canada here and just wanted to say a big thanks for the training program(s) ebooks you put together. I've been following the off season program since Oct. 2014 -April 2015 and increased my strength and conditioning:

Bench went from 185 to 200lbs
Squat went from 215 to 265lbs
Deadlift went from 285 to 330lbs

My javelin throw before the program was 30.36m (personal best) last summer and increased to 37.80m at my first meet of the season 2 weeks ago. Just started the in season program in May and am super excited to see what happens by the end of July.

Anyways again, thanks so much!”

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