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Be Prepared! Don't Choke at the Big Meets!

This time of year coaches and athletes absolutely start LOSING THEIR MINDS!

Really though, it gets pretty bad.

I get about 50 emails a day from throwers and coaches throughout the season with questions about form, technique, lifting, plyometrics, scheduling practice, and other seemingly mundane daily things.

This time of year? Championship season? It's all nutty talk!

How can I stop anxiety? I throw farther at practice. I have a thrower who always chokes at big meets. I have nightmares about messing up. I'm scared all the hard work won't pay off. I think my coach secretly hates me because he isn't throwing me at the last chance meet.

You think of it, I've received the question!

This time of year all the questions revolve around mental preparation, how not to choke, anxiety, nervousness, dealing with bad weather, and why kids throw farther at practice.

This week I have 2 videos for you. The first talks about not choking at the big meets, taking care of anxiety, preparing for the meet the night before, and visualizing the perfect throw.

The second video below talks about dealing with bad weather. Bad weather is something I get questions about a lot but have never done a comprehensive video about. Just like the first video, this video is all about preparing for the elements, taking a little bit of time to get things in order, and realizing there is really nothing you can do about it:

Hopefully these videos give you a better handle on the end of season meets and some strategies to stop anxiety, improve your preparation, and get back to throwing far at the big meets.

As always...THROW FAR!!

Coach Matt Ellis

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