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One-Time Video Analysis


I don't know what's wrong! My practices all week have been awful!


We've all had those days.

I can tell you from experience, those days are not fun. You have no idea what’s wrong.

Your throws feel ok but they are going nowhere. It is such a frustrating experience.

The discus is flying out of the right sector. The shot is flat and you can’t get height on the ball.

So you practice, and practice, and practice.

Still, you get nowhere.

Your coach can’t see what is going wrong with your technique (Hey, maybe you don’t even have a coach)!

If you are like the countless athletes who I have helped, you probably turn to YouTube or a throwing website for advice.

You watch hours of video from top throwers throughout the years. You try to compare it to video you took at your last practice.

Back and forth, click by click, you scour the internet looking for answers.

Does it actually help? Do you ever improve by watching videos or reading articles?

Probably not!

If this sounds like you and you still need help, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out what one of my athletes had to say about his coaching video analysis...


Hi Coach Matt,


I hope you remember me! I wanted to drop you a quick note. When I found your website and read about video analysis, I was in a major rut. One of my teammates beat me for the first time in almost 3 years. Last year I placed third at our division meet and he placed 13th. This year I am ranked 5th and he is ranked 4th. My coach kept telling me that the discus was not going far because I had no torque. I typed “discus torque” into YouTube and a bunch of your videos showed up. I watched some of your videos and I thought I figured it out. Nope. I went out to practice and I was still messing up. The worst part is that the Division meet was 4 days away. When I emailed you I was feeling really bad. I videoed my throws and sent it to you hoping you would look at it. It was so cool you sent back a video explaining what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I couldn’t believe it was something simple that me and my coach were missing. I worked on it in practice. My throws flew better immediately, and I placed 2nd at the division meet last Friday with almost a 5 foot discus PR!!!!!!!! My teammate got 4th at the meet. He had a similar problem so your help fixed him too. I’m gonna send you a lot more videos over the summer too. My dad already said it was OK.


Thanks, Adam R.

Houston, TX

Introducing the ALL NEW Primal Video Analysis System

For a very long time athletes have sent me videos of their throws.

As a courtesy I have watched them and emailed back one or two tips.

I always wanted to do more to help but never knew how.

Finally, I created an on-line coaching package.

This, however, was not perfect for everyone.

On-Line Coaching included EVERYTHING a thrower without a coach needed to get better.

Weekly Weight Training

E-Mail Support

Plyometric and Grip Routines

Throwing Progressions

Video Analysis

It is a big time commitment and takes a special athlete to stick with it.

Maybe you already have a coach.

Maybe you already have a weight training program.

Maybe you have a good idea what to do in the circle or on the runway.

You might just need a few small corrections to add that last few feet to your throw.

If this sounds like you, video analysis is the PERFECT SOLUTION!

Check out this video to learn more...

Take a look! All throwing events can see HUGE improvements!


It's time for YOU to get the coaching you DESERVE and start throwing more PR's...



At the bottom of this page, you will see an "PURCHASE” button.

Once you purchase the video analysis, you will receive a receipt by email.

This receipt will have a special order number from your purchase.

All you have to do is email me at with your video link.

The subject line of the email should be “Video Analysis” with your special order number.

Once I receive your email with the video link, I will respond with a custom video analysis within 48 hours.

It really is that simple!

What type of video works best?

The easiest way to submit a video for analysis is to email me the .MOV file directly from your phone or computer.

If you can't do that, upload the video to YouTube and email me the YouTube link.

(.MOV files work best because I can go frame by frame to give you my best analysis)

Within 48 hours you will get a video response from me explaining how you can improve your throw with

specific instruction and pinpoint coaching.

Remember, once you purchase the video analysis IT IS UP TO YOU to send in the video link

and get this process started.


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