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Downloadable DVDs


That's the truth. They do not exist!


The Number One request you have emailed for is an advanced DVD explaining how to throw the shot put and the discus.

The problem is, how-to videos by nature will always be beginner level. It’s an oxymoron, like a short skyscraper, it can’t exist.

How-to videos will always touch on the beginner aspects of the throws and will always be meant for

beginner and intermediate throwers and coaches.

So, how does a coach or athlete become ADVANCED? It’s not about the “How-To” anymore, it’s about the WHY!

Advanced coaches and athletes speak a different language.
Advanced Coaches and athletes know why mistakes happen

AND what to do to correct the mistake.

You can spend years coaching and collecting experience or learn it from someone who has been there and done that.


In my 23+ years experience in the sport of track and field, I have NEVER seen a book or video that properly explains advanced throws coaching.

It’s hard to explain WHY things happen. It’s a lot easier to explain HOW TO do something. Many coaches and companies take the easy route.


You asked for it, so I created it for you!

Check out the video below to learn more:

How are these downloadable DVDs different from what you've seen before.


All other How To DVDs start at the end of the throw and work backwards

These DVDs start at the beginning of the throw, the way you actually coach your athletes.

All other How To DVDs explain what proper form should look like.

These DVDs explain what happens if the form is not correct and typical faults that result from incorrect form.

All other How To DVDs assume you are a beginner and know very little about the throwing events.

These DVDs were created for coaches and athletes who already have some experience

and need to continue their education.

Other How To DVDs are shipped to you and you pay additional shipping and handling charges.

These DVDs are downloaded instantly. No waiting for UPS and nothing to get lost in shipping.

Other How To DVDs must be watched either before or after practice preventing the coach and thrower from

properly correcting issues as they happen.

These DVDs can be watched on a tablet or smartphone allowing you to understand problems,

show your athletes, and correct them instantly while you are still at practice.

These downloadable DVDs are the missing link for athletes and coaches

looking to take their throws to the next level.


I was told a DVD like this could not be done well. I had a hard time believing that.

I’ve made a career proving people wrong.

Experts have sat me down and have told me advanced techniques could only be taught face to face over a long period of time.

I was told to stop producing free YouTube videos. I was told to keep things simple to reach a larger audience of new coaches.

I was told the majority of coaches and athletes were “know-it-all” types who were resistant to learning anything new.

If I did what everyone told me to do, I would be VERY UNHAPPY. Tell me something can’t be done and I’ll prove you wrong.

In these downloadable DVDs, I have created exactly what the so-called “experts” said couldn’t be done.

An advanced DVD, created for advanced throwers and coaches, at a low cost,

downloaded instantly to a computer, and able to be taken out to practice.

You have 3 options when ordering these DVDs...

You can buy just the Glide Shot Put Download

You can buy just the Discus Download

Or you can buy them together at a big discount

Remember, because these are downloads you receive them delivered immediately after purchase to your e-mail.


How much are they?

Like always, you are getting a heck of a deal!

Most DVDs sold in catalogs run you anywhere from $39 to $49 each

BEFORE shipping and handling fees and tax.

There is a big mark-up for something that costs very little to produce.


If purchased individually, these downloadable DVDs go for $37 each.

Or you can purchase both together for $63 (a 15% discount).

I am on a mission to get throwers the best information possible at a price anyone can afford.

Once you purchase a DVD, an email will be sent to you with a download link.

Right Click the link and save to your computer.

That’s all it takes!

Advanced Glide Shot Put DVD - Only $37

Advanced Discus DVD - Only $37

Advanced Glide Shot Put and Discus DVD Combo Set - $63 [15% Off!]


No physical product will be shipped to you. These are downloadable DVDs. Because of this, there is nothing that can be returned for a refund and all sales are final. Like all of the downloadable products sold on this website, a unique download link will be sent to you at the email address you provide when ordering on the checkout screen. This link will expire within 24 hours of purchase, so please save to your computer as soon as possible. Please email with any questions.

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