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Ultimate Off-Season Training Program

for Throwers

Hey Coach Matt,

I'm a 17 year old freshman in college and I just finished my first go through of your off season training program. This is by far the best weighlifting program I have ever been on.

When I started the program my max bench was 275, squat was 385, and deadlift was 365.

I had never done much deadlifting before this program.

During the final week of max testing I benched 290, squatted 420, and deadlifted 405.
I throw discus and javelin and have seen huge improvements in my throws so far.

Now that college is starting Im also playing rugby and the style of training has helped to improve

my size and speed for the game. Im currently 5’9″ and 195 lbs running a 4.7 40 yard dash.


Thanks for the awsome program Coach Matt,


Russell Bowman

Here's my story. I had no idea what I was doing in the weight room.

When I started throwing as a high school freshman 23 years ago, I had great coaches to teach me the throwing events and the technique. When it came to the training in the weightroom and packing on size and strength, I was on my own.

The internet was just getting off the ground. There was no YouTube. There were no blogs.

The only information you could get on proper training was what you could learn from your coaches and read in magazines and books.

If you were lucky, you had a coach with a lot of experience in the weight room who could show you the

proper way to train for the throwing events. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky.

I was clueless!

When I started writing books on the track and field throwing events, this was the first book that came to mind.

Off season training for track and field was something that I struggled with throughout high school and college.

There was so much contradicting information out there on training for the throwing events it was madness.

Do you train like a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, an Olympic lifter, or a football player?

Do you buy the bodybuilding magazine off the drug store rack and follow it word for word?

Do you hire a personal trainer at the gym? Won’t he just know how to get you to lose weight and look better at the beach?

Do you do cardio? Do you sprint? Do you walk on treadmills? What about the elliptical or the exercise bike?

How many times per week? What about plyometric movements? Jumps? Medicine balls?

Do you use them on the same day you lift heavy weights? Do you use them on cardio days?

Do they have their own separate day?

Have you been training the wrong way?

There are so many training implements in the weight room:

Bars, plates, dumbbells, medicine balls, bands, plyo boxes, racks, benches.

You might know what each one does, but how the heck do you put it all together and make sure you have

a solid training plan to get you stronger, more explosive, more flexible, and faster? Trial and error?


Unfortunately, I didn’t begin my real-world training and coaching career until after my college throwing career was over.

Once I started coaching and training other athletes, I began to realize exactly what worked, what didn’t work,

and what should never be included in a training program for a thrower. It was too late for me. But luckily it is not too late for you.


In this training guide, you will receive the best information out there on strength and conditioning training for a thrower.

I have put 100% into this guide and my hope is that you can utilize these training methods to become

the best you can be and reach your full potential.

What results can you expect?

In the two years since implementing this style of training with my athletes who train at Primal Athlete Training Center,

no one has ever hit a plateau.

Every athlete has increased their one rep max every time they have tested. Every athlete has improved their conditioning.

Every athlete has become faster, more explosive, and more powerful. Every athlete is throwing farther.

If you follow this routine to the letter and don’t take shortcuts, you will see the same results.

You will become a stronger, faster, more powerful version of yourself. I guarantee it.

Stop being a small, weak thrower!

Check out some of the awesome results athletes who train at Primal have seen using this program:


Athlete 1: Aaron C. – Shot Put and Discus Thrower – High School Sophomore

April 18th:

Max Bench Press | 260 pounds

Max Squat | 385 pounds

Max Deadlift | 500 pounds

August 8th:

Max Bench Press | 285 pounds

Max Squat | 525 pounds

Max Deadlift | 600 pounds

25 pound increase on bench, 140 pound increase on squat, 100 pound increase on deadlift.
That's a 265 pound increase on his total in just over 3 months!

Check out Aaron's Deadlift progression videos:

Athlete 2: Andrew B. – Football, Weight and Hammer – High School Junior

April 18th:

Max Bench Press | 265 pounds

Max Squat | 315 pounds

Max Deadlift | 375 pounds

August 8th:

Max Bench Press | 300 pounds

Max Squat | 445 pounds

Max Deadlift | 445 pounds

35 pound increase on bench, 130 pound increase on squat, 70 pound increase on deadlift.
That's a 235 pound increase on his total in just over 3 months!

These are all great increases for two older and experienced lifters,

but what about beginners?

Athlete 3: Jeremy K. – Football and Wrestling – High School Freshman

Before Jeremy joined Primal, he had never lifted a weight before.

His father forbid it because Jeremy did not have anyone knowledgeable to teach him proper technique.

Jeremy joined Primal in early May as a 150 pound skinny wrestler wanting to increase muscle and become more
powerful for football. Here are his numbers on August 8th – Just 3 months later (and 10 pounds of lean muscle heavier):

Max Bench Press | 190 pounds

Max Squat | 285 pounds

Max Deadlift | 375 pounds

Not bad for a tall, lanky Sophomore quarterback!

Sure, the guys see results, but what about the girls?

Athlete 4: Katja N. – Basketball, Shot Put, Discus – High School Junior

April 18th:

Max Bench Press | 135 pounds

Max Squat | 245 pounds

Max Deadlift | 280 pounds

August 8th:

Max Bench Press | 170 pounds

Max Squat | 290 pounds

Max Deadlift | 335 pounds

35 pound increase on bench, 45 pound increase on squat, 55 pound increase on deadlift.
That's a 135 pound increase in 3months and she dropped over 30 pounds of bodyweight too!

These results ARE typical!

Transform into a stronger, more explosive, more powerful version of yourself.
Gain muscle. Lift like a thrower and actually start looking like one!

You will see results like the athletes listed above. Your throws will increase.

Your strength will increase. Your lean muscle will increase. You will lose body fat.

After the first three weeks of training, you will feel stronger.

On week 4, you will test your strength.

On week 8 you will be moving heavier weight more times than ever before.

By week 13, you will be lifting more weight than you ever thought possible in such a short time.

What equipment will you need?

This training program is designed with simplicity in mind. Let’s face it, the basics work. All of the top throwers in the world still use basic, tried and true weightlifting exercises to pack on mass, build strength, and become more explosive. They don’t waste time with untested methods and the newest training toys found on-line. You won’t be wasting your time either. The equipment that you will need for this training program is found in every gym, weight room, big box fitness palace, and even most garage home set ups.

It is the basics:

Squat Rack

Olympic Bar

Weight Plates


Adjustable Flat to Incline Bench

Pull Up Bar




That’s it. Pretty simple. If you have these items, you are good to go.

In addition to these items listed above, you will be using your bodyweight. Bodyweight training is awesome and a very useful way to produce power and strength. You will be using your bodyweight to do common exercises like push ups, pull ups, recline rows, and lunges. You will also be using your bodyweight to do plyometric (jumping) exercises and explosive athletic movements to improve your power and speed.


Remember, the basics work. There is a reason why every high school, college, and hardcore garage gym has basic equipment. There is a reason why dumbbells and squat racks have existed for so many years. THEY WORK! Sticking to the basics will ensure that you have a tremendous base of strength for your throwing season.

What do the workouts look like?

Everything is written out for you. You don’t have to think. This isn’t one of those books that gives you a lot of great ideas and expects you to write your own training program. The program is written for you. All you need to do is print out the workouts and take them and a pen to the gym with you. It’s that simple. The exercises, sets, reps, time, and percentage of weight is already decided for you.

It’s a total no-brainer.

How much is it?

Time to get crazy and see how much money I am losing on this deal!

This is a 13 week training program. The training is done 3 days per week.

That’s 39 days of training.

If you hired a personal trainer and paid him $40 per day, you would spend OVER $1560.

If you trained at Primal with me and my athletes, you would pay $675 dollars for the same amount of training.

What would you pay for 3 months of training, guaranteed to get you stronger, more explosive, faster, and throwing farther than you thought possible in such a short time? $200 dollars? $150 dollars?

I love the sport of track and field. I am on a mission to get throwers the best information possible at a price anyone can afford.

You get 13 weeks of training specifically designed for throwers. Proven results. Tested methods. 39 full days of training.

And you only have to pay $37 bucks. (that’s less than $1 per day!!)

If you order now, you also get these FREE Bonus Gifts:

 1.   Continued On-Line Support. When you purchase this book, your e-mail will be put on an exclusive list. You will be able to e-mail me directly at to ask any questions you may have about the training plan or templates.


2.   Exclusive coupon code for “The ULTIMATE In-Season Training Program for Throwers.” The new in-season book detailing training and conditioning for throwers and when to lift according to your track meets is almost available. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a coupon code to receive 50% off the price.








So make sure you act fast!

Take action. Now is the time to act. Stop being the thrower who is always in second place. Stop guessing and hoping what you do in the weight room will work and carry over to the actual throw. Finally win the gold medals and earn respect from your teammates and your competition.

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