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I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to introduce the New FiberSport Discus Line to all of you!

With the FiberSport line, we had three major goals that we wanted to accomplish.

1) Offer a discus with the same (or better) quality, durability, and feel of the Nelco USA line we carried for the past 4 years.

2) Make it easier to select the appropriate discus for the thrower. Choosing a discus based on rim weight was always a challenge and confusing. This new system allows the discus to be "fit" correctly to the athlete based on their experience and how far they throw.

3) Add in more beginner discuses for newer throwers and keep the cost low! At the same time, remove some of the aspects we found weren't as popular. 



The perfect discus for beginner throwers. Offered in the 1kg and 1.6kg only, these discuses were designed for middle school and high school athletes just starting out on their discus throwing journey. The lower rim weight percentage makes the discus fly with a little less wobble for the new throwers that might not apply a lot of spin on the discus at release.


For throwers with a little more experience, the WIND bridges the gap between the entry level BREEZE and the higher rim weight models listed below. Perfect for throwers that are looking for a new discus to use and grow into that is still forgiving without the fear of making the jump to the higher rim weight TWISTER models. 


Available in all popular sizes used in middle school, high school, college, master's competitions, youth, and Senior Olympic meets, we feel the TWISTER 1 is the best discus for throwers that have 2-3 years of throwing experience and can apply a good amount of spin to the rim at release. The TWISTER 1 has 75% rim weight and would be appropriate for athletes consistently throwing in the 125-145 foot range.


The TWISTER 2 model is perfect more experienced throwers that can take advantage of a higher rim weight and don't need as forgiving of a discus. Perfect for throwers landing in that 140-165 foot range that can apply a lot of spin on the rim at release. If you take 10 throws and 8-9 of them come off the fingers perfectly with a lot of spin, very little wobble, and a great penetrating flight, this 78% rim weight discus for you.


If you have the potential to get on the podium at your state championship meet, make it to regionals, qualify for nationals, or if you have the experience, strength, and ability to really apply a lot of spin to the rim at release, the TWISTER 3 is your discus! The TWISTER 3 has 80% rim weight and is perfect for throwers consistently hitting 170 feet and above. We expect the TWISTER 3 to be thrown by top level high school, collegiate, and post collegiate throwers. 


Rodney Brown.jpg

Endorsed by elite level throwers Rodney Brown and Whitney Ashley, the STORM is the top of the line when it comes to discus production, feel, and flight. The STORM has 85% rim weight (slightly higher in the 2kg discus) and is meant for the top 1% of throwers in the world. The STORM is World Athletics approved and was accepted and approved for use in the 2021 Olympic Games and on the discus practice rack. 

Whitney Overhead.jpg


The BEST Discus Carry Bag on the Market!

The FiberSport 3 Discus Shoulder Carry Bag is absolutely awesome and the only case I use for my discus collection. Each bag contains three separate zipper pockets on the bottom to store each your discuses. The front zipper pocket is a "dry-pocket" with an internal liner where you can store wet clothes, sweaty shirts, and your muddy shoes and keep them separate from whatever else you're carrying. The large zipper top opens up to a big storage area perfect for things like towels, athletic tape, a bag of chalk, or a few snacks to hold you over throughout the day. The shoulder strap is super wide and padded making for a comfortable walk to the throwing circles. Finally, the bottom of each bag has 4 rubber feet allowing the bag to stand vertical when discuses are loaded on the bottom.  

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