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The BEST Discus Carry Bag on the Market!

The FiberSport 3 Discus Shoulder Carry Bag is absolutely awesome and the only case I use for my discus collection. Each bag contains three separate zipper pockets on the bottom to store each your discuses. The front zipper pocket is a "dry-pocket" with an internal liner where you can store wet clothes, sweaty shirts, and your muddy shoes and keep them separate from whatever else you're carrying. The large zipper top opens up to a big storage area perfect for things like towels, athletic tape, a bag of chalk, or a few snacks to hold you over throughout the day. The shoulder strap is super wide and padded making for a comfortable walk to the throwing circles. Finally, the bottom of each bag has 4 rubber feet allowing the bag to stand vertical when discuses are loaded on the bottom. 


It is called a "3 discus carry bag" but can actually hold much more. Although not recommended, athletes have fit up to six 1kg discuses or four 1.6kg discuses in the bottom zipper pouches. Bag is super roomy and can hold everything you need for your competitions!

FiberSport Discus Carry Bags

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