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This is the PREMIUM 1 inch thick heavy-duty modular Shot Put/Hammer/Weight Throwing Circle. 30% Thicker for a more substantial circle. 


Using keyed foam mats we cut out the proper size 7 foot diameter throwing circle. There are 16 segments to the circle.  We used a large laser router to cut a smooth accurate circle to the proper size. The pads lock together to form the throwing circle.  We use dumbbell weights to hold the circle down or you can use any heavy object on two or more of the segments.   The mats are PREMIUM 1 inch thick. The circle is accurate to within .5 diameter due to the expansion and contraction of foam.  We get material in 3 different colors and depending on availability the one shipped maybe sky blue, silver/grey, or black, 


0, 90, 180 270, are marked on four segments to give visual to the proper foot placement for turns.  Depending on availability they will be on contrasting segment colors or labeled in contrasting ink.


All Porta-Circle products are shipped directly from the manufacturer in Rochester, NY and carry a $32.50 flat rate shipping charge to anywhere in the continental United States. 

PREMIUM Porta-Circle 1" Thick Portable Shot Put/Hammer/Weight Circle

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