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New coaches often run into a major problem...

For beginner coaches, especially at the high school level, time is very limited and very valuable. With few exceptions, the average high school athletic season is only 3 months long. In those three months, coaches have to run practices, include time for strength and conditioning sessions, and coordinate their time with assistant coaches. Coaches then schedule and reschedule everything around games and meets, snow days, holidays, weekends, and school vacations. This is not an easy task. Even the most seasoned coaches run into problems. Poor scheduling is the number one reason why beginner coaches don’t incorporate new training methods and techniques into their practices. Instead of planning practices on a day to day basis or planning practices at the beginning of every week, coaches should have their entire season planned out the very first day they get their meet schedules.

This is the step by step guide to do just that.

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How Should Throwers Train During the Off-Season?

Off season training for track and field was something that I struggled with throughout high school and college. There was very little information out there on training for the throwing events. We worked out, but there was so much confusion. Do you train like a powerlifter, a bodybuilder, an Olympic lifter, or a football player? Do you buy the bodybuilding magazine off the drug store rack and follow it word for word? Do you hire a personal trainer at the gym? Do you do cardio? Do you sprint? Do you walk on treadmills? What about the elliptical or the exercise bike? How many times per week? What about plyometric movements? Jumps? Medicine balls? Do you use them on the same day you lift heavy weights? Do you use them on cardio days? Do they have their own separate day?

The eBook provides a full 13 week off-season training program written specifically for throwers that have the most basic of weight training equipment.

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Increase strength and explosive power...During your track season!

You can get stronger and more explosive as your season progresses.

It’s called PEAKING. And it’s becoming a lost art.

1. To Peak correctly, you need to plan your training correctly from day 1.

The days you lift, the exercises, sets, reps, weight, amount of rest…

2. You also need to know exactly when to shift your focus in the weight room from increasing strength

to building explosive speed and power.

Think of it like a top chef with a SECRET RECIPE.

This eBook provides a full 13 week in-season peaking program written specifically for throwers that can be done in any gym or bare-bones weight room. Also included is a full explanation of how to time your training around your meets to peak when it counts...the end of the season!

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